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Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men

  • Character 

         Qualities - Motives - Strengths - Weaknesses - Interaction with others - Role & purpose in the story

  • Theme

         What is it? How is it communicated? By character, plot, conflict, resolution? Is it relevant in today's world? 

  • Find images, music, graphics, art, lyrics, poems, etc to represent all of these as well as conflicts!
  • Drought, Disasters & the Dust  Bowl  
  1. Causes & effects of droughts
  2. Water conservation  & public information campaigns
  3. Investigate transformative effect of infamous US natural disasters                  
  • Recession & the Great Depression
  1. Economic conditions
  2. Recession affects on the US economy & families
  3. How do historical, cultural & economic events shape generations
  4. What draws viewers to the movie theater in difficult economic times?
  5. Compare 1933 US economic challenges to those we face today
  • Workers & workers' rights
  1. Labor laws in the US
  2. History, power & purpose of unions in the US
  3. Farm workers & their struggle for economic freedom
  • New Deal - Works Progress Administration

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