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A Virtual Collection of Resources

Tutorials from Mrs. Smith

Set default font and spacing in Google Docs

Mini Teacher PD tutorials from Kathleen Currie Smith

Favorite Extensions, Favorite Apps, Play with Photos, and more!

Alternatives to Google Slides

Research Tutorials

Study Help

1. Read over a section & think about it before writing notes - "does this help me?"

2. Do not copy word for word (PLAGIARISM)

3. Use phrases, short sentences, or single words (do not worry about capital letters, punctuation marks, or complete sentences)

4. Use abbreviations & numbers to save time & space

5. Make a list

6. Use bullets or dashes in front of each idea

7. Use quotation marks to give credit if copying

8. Write one idea or fact per line

9. Write neatly so you can read your notes later

10. Be accurate (Dates are correct, spelling of important names & places are correct)

11. Write down your information source


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